How Long Should Your Video Be and Where Should You Post It?

Today (Q4 2018...and until further notice), experts like Hubspot and Gary V say brands, for our purposes (CPG Brands) should be following this formula: Spend most of your advertising budget on social media using video content.

Length of Video

A recent Hubspot infographic said videos must be different lengths for each platform. For Instagram, under 30 seconds. For Twitter, under 45 seconds. For Facebook, under a minute (UPDATE: Just after I uploaded this video, I uploaded it to FB During the upload, FB showed me a warning sign saying videos at least 3 minutes get more views. For what it's worth, I trust FB over Hubspot on this one). For YouTube, under 2 minutes.

Hubspot seemed to be focused on how long users, by platform, will watch a video. They do not say if these lengths also apply to video ads. It's important to make sure your video ad follows the recommended length by platform. Instagram, for example, currently limits video ads to under 15 seconds.

Be In Front Of Your Customers

With Facebook making changes to organic traffic and reach, it's more important than ever to make sure you're in front of your customers in the most desirable way. Today, it's using video via social media.
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