Brand Marketing Strategy

For those of us committed to helping a consumable brand succeed. Your brand marketing strategy is critical to your success. Whether it’s you the brand owner, the manufacturer, packager, marketer, distributor, broker, retailer, of food buyer, the key is to deliver a fantastic experience at every point along the cycle. We only take responsibility for the online marketing and advertising. Our other friends we mentioned above do what they do best. Let’s take a closer look…

The video at the bottom of this post explains how you can use social media to build your brand and execute a brand marketing strategy confidently. It’s how we help consumable brands grow revenue.

Awareness, Engagement, and Conversion Videos

The first step is to create videos. Videos will fall into 3 groups…Awareness, Engagement, and Conversion. The benefit of creating videos and ads in these 3 groups is that you’ll create a relationship with your customers and serve them appropriate content. Facebook is not intent driven advertising. That’s Google’s job. Facebook is relationship building advertising. It’s the perfect place to build a brand.

Custom Audiences

The second step is to become an expert at custom audiences and use technology to track potential and existing customers. The benefit here is you’ll stop wasting money on advertising that doesn’t target your ideal customer…which includes demographics and geography! Here’s a great example: we can use the stores you’re currently in, or trying to break into, and make announcements based on how far customers come from to shop at these stores. Want to announce a product demo?? Are you running a discount?? Can you imagine the power of this type of advertising? It’s really pretty amazing.

Build Campaigns

The third step is to build campaigns using Facebook Ads Manager and Google Adwords. The benefit here is it’s easier to deploy ads and you’ll stop wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work.

Engage Users

The fourth step is to engage users. This where the real magic happens! As you convert users from the awareness phase you can publish posts and ads that do this! In the video, we show Hill Cheese company using a cheese grater to get people engaged… Win a FREE Cuisipro cheese grater by entering our contest! Just click on the link below! Once a user enters the contest, we can start a conversation that looks something like in the video. The benefit here is as you get their information, you can send them additional information without spending a dime on additional advertising. As you build your opt-in audience, you’ll marketing gets more profitable and revenue grows.

Test, Optimize, Retarget, and Follow-up

The fifth step is to test, optimize, retarget and follow-up. The benefit here is…knowledge is power. Can you imagine presenting this advertising strategy to a food buyer and how it will impact your presentation not to mention your revenue? It’s an awesome way to provide proof your brand is worth having in stores.

Be Prepared

Food brokers and buyers we talk to say brands are unprepared because the brand does not have a sound marketing strategy. The benefit of having a sound and performing social media strategy cannot be understated here. We’re seeing some very exciting results with businesses who use social media correctly to build their brands.

Embrace The Entire Product Cycle

Successful brands correctly utilize the entire cycle. None of it happens overnight. This is not a get rich quick scheme…like you’ve probably already realized. You must first manufacture an awesome product. You’ll need beautiful packaging. You’ll need a sound relationship oriented marketing strategy. Your distribution must be reliable. Your sales/broker channel must get results but can only get yeses if you’re prepared. Stores then say yes to stocking your items and the customers love what you offer. Without one of these elements, success becomes A LOT harder.

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