CPG Marketing – 10 Things You MUST Do to Give Yourself a Shot at Winning

Win at CPG Marketing

Digital CPG Marketing is the opportunity of a lifetime for CPG brands.

I really cannot understate how important it is for CPG brands to embrace social media advertising and digital CPG marketing in general. I'm staking my reputation on it.

Get Digital

It's really that important. Those of you who are spending an excessive amount of time traveling (away from your loved ones probably) doing product sampling events, etc. are going to get your head handed to you by your competition. Seriously.

Your Competition Gets It

Your competition understands that a 60 second video showing people enjoying your product is way more effective that getting a couple people to sample your product in person. Heck, you'll burn out before you even get into the game. Sound familiar? In this video, I share 10 things you must do to give yourself a chance to win at CPG marketing. Today it's digital.

Have a Secure Website

In July 2018, Google made it a requirement to have an SSL certificate on all websites. For websites without an SSL certificate, Google will be showing a "warning" icon in the URL bar and lowering your search engine results.

Have a Responsive and Current Website

According to Tubular Insights, over 70% of all web activity will be via video. If you're interested in effective CPG marketing, you'll need to embrace video or be left behind.

Have Facebook and Google Tracking Codes

Some say a website is losing it's effectiveness. Whether it is or it isn't, your website still gets traffic. By installing both the Facebook Pixel and the Google Re-marketing tags, you'll be able to get value from whoever visits because Google and Facebook will gather the data for you.

Have a Facebook Page

Today, you can build a relationship with your customer. Customers expect to be able to communicate with you via their chosen methods of contact. Today, these methods are Facebook, other social media platforms, Facebook Messenger, Text, etc. Having a Facebook page sets the stage for this. Remember, CPG marketing today is all about engagement.

Have Video

If you're not using video to tell your story, engage your followers, and convert customers you're, at a minimum, missing a massive marketing opportunity. But, it's so much more. Today, instead of physically doing product samplings, you can create a few videos of customers enjoying your products and share these videos with as many people as you want to. Product samplings involve a ton of physical marketing effort not to mention the reality that the large majority of your target market will never interact with you via product samplings. Use video instead.

Know Your Customer

Today, it's relatively straight-forward to understand and gather data on your target market. But, you have to take the time/invest the time and do it. Really get to know your customer. Not only understand how old your ideal customers are, understand what they do for fun, the shows they watch, etc. It will go a long way in better targeting people most likely to buy what you sell.

Know Your Competition and Thoroughly Understand Your Competitive Advantages

Does your competition run Facebook ads? Are they winning or losing at digital CPG marketing? These are all things you can quickly understand just by doing a little (publicly available) research. Dig into what your competition is doing so you can understand what your competitive advantages are. Do this before creating video so you can highlight these advantages and make the most of your video views.

Understand your current marketing channels and the 3 ways you need to communicate with your potential and current customers

Where do you spend CPG Marketing dollars currently? Are the dollars being spent allow you to build a relationship with your customer? Can you create specific ads that speak to people who have never heard of you versus your most loyal customers? Do you think a loyal customer should receive a "here's our story" video if they already know your story and love you? Traditional advertising doesn't allow this. Digital social media advertising/CPG marketing does.

Know what your trying to accomplish with your current CPG marketing and advertising efforts

What is your goal for one or more of your advertisements? Are you trying to increase awareness? Are you trying to increase sales? Are you trying to drive engagement so people interact with your brand? Knowing these answers will help you with CPG Marketing immediately.

Have a defined marketing strategy

When you have checked off all of the other "must do" things above, you'll be well on your way to having a defined CPG Marketing Strategy. But, you'll still need to apply some SMART goals to your efforts. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based. For example, as SMART goal might be to Penetrate 10 grocery stores, with X product, in the Northeast by Q4 2018. You might want to build a specific product line to a revenue goal (by a certain date). Whatever the goal, make it specific. I want to make $1,000,000 is not a SMART defined goal.  It's not specfic. It's not time based. If you're making $50,000 now, it's probably not attainable either (at least in the next 12-24 months). While I'm not trying to crush your dreams, I am suggesting that attainable and relevant are also part of the SMART goal setting strategy.

In conclusion, a well thought out Digital CPG Marketing Strategy needs your attention. The consumer has a very short attention span. If you're not meeting them on their terms, you're not likely to make a great impression. Are there other CPG Marketing things that must be done? Do you disagree or agree with what we're saying here? Let us know.

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