Green Advertising For Restaurants

Green Advertising

Are you a green restaurant? Are you thinking of more ways you can "go green?" How about the way you currently advertise/market to your customers? The goal here is to dramatically reduce or eliminate the need for printed advertising/marketing. The good news're in luck. Why? Because, over the past several years, advertising has changed...dramatically. In fact, several experts are saying if the overwhelming percentage of your ad budget is not being spent on social media platforms (where your customers are spending their time btw), you're literally failing your ad budget...regardless of whether you're green or not.


In a recent free report we published, "The 5 Things EVERY Restaurant Owner Must Know About Advertising Before Spending A Nickel," we discuss what Restaurants must know about Thankfully, for the green restaurant, it's right in line with how you operate.

What kind of advertising are we talking about? We're talking about digital advertising. Digital advertising not only reduces the use of paper, it's also more profitable and performs better than traditional print advertising for several key reasons.

Follow The Attention

If you're over the age of 35, there’s a real chance you’re stuck in the old world of advertising. You believe (or want to believe) the traditional forms of advertising work. You get SOLD by either the radio ad salesperson, tv ad salesperson, or direct mail salesperson. They wow you with demographic studies, the time it worked for another client, or the study done saying what these salespeople want you to believe.

Or, you tried digital advertising...and it didn't work. How do I know you're not doing digital advertising? Facebook just recently released a navigation item on the left side of your facebook page showing whether you are currently advertising...or not. It's the "Info and Ads" item. It's time to give it another try. If you do, there are some key things you'll need to do.

Why is digital advertising SO IMPORTANT? It's because your customers are on their phones. Their cell phones. If you’re not talking to them (getting their attention) via cell phone, you’re not following the attention. It’s here to stay. Let go of the past. Take my advice: DON’T SPEND money on “traditional” advertising. VERY FEW people are paying attention.

For you, the green restaurant, this is not only strategic in that it helps you be more green, it's also strategic in that it will help your restaurant grow...profitably. Today, digital advertising, depending on how you use it, can help you build and communicate with your audience. It can track your efforts and quickly determine if the money being spent is providing you with a ROI.

Thank you for all that you're doing to make the restaurant/dining out experience more environmentally friendly. If you'd like a copy of our "The 5 Things EVERY Restaurant Owner Must Know About Advertising Before Spending A Nickel," click here.

About It's About Profits

We help 4 Star (and above) Restaurants bring A LOT more profitable customers to your restaurant using paid social media advertising (currently Facebook & Instagram).

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